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Michael Monroe Kiefer is the best speaker and facilitator I have ever known! He takes his experience, knowledge and content and makes the stories not only real but they come alive in the workshop!
~ Pam Murphy

Innovator, mentor, leader are just a few words that describe what I have learned about Michael Monroe Kiefer over the past 12 years. Focused, thought provoking, life changing are what I have found in his classic Powermind Training System.

There are few books I've read that come close to the simplicity, brevity, and clarity as his. It is a "Must Read" for everyone expecting to find and achieve their potential!

This was the book I turned to prior to retiring from active duty and planning my new career. I even gave away dozens of copies of this book and audio to several of my military leaders and friends and recommended to countless others.

I have yet to meet someone of his caliber whose esprit de corps, ethos, and convictions are in keeping with many of those I served with for over twenty years!
~ Jeff Curry CWO4 (United States Marine Corps Ret.)

Michael is an outstanding instructor and has always done a fantastic job with our class participants. I personally enjoy working with Michael because he is professional and the evaluations from participants are stellar. Michael recently taught a five-week time management and efficiency course as part of a customized executive education program for one of our clients. The results were amazing! Michael connected extremely well with the executives and managers. His enthusiasm for the course was contagious. This ultimately created an outstanding learning environment. I would enthusiastically hire Michael again. ~ Stephen Woessner, Business Education Coordinator, UW-La Crosse Small Business Development Center

Over the past 8 years, Michael Kiefer has lead a number of Leadership Academy sessions for the Inver Hills Community College. His engaging, dynamic and informative sessions consistently receive outstanding evaluations from our attendees.
~ Peter Hoch - Inver Hills Community College

It was my pleasure to spend a dynamic afternoon with Mike Kiefer learning about the almost limitless ways people can realize immediate income when they realize their myriad talents, strengths and most importantly passion. Mike is a real professional - and has a way of making learning accessible and fun! I highly recommend his program.
~ Rich Muller - Manager of the Career Rediscovery
Job Transition Training Organization

The ladies of the Great River Conference Board of the St. Cloud area would like to thank you for a very entertaining presentation. Our Spring Gathering was a success and we could not have been more pleased with your enthusiasm and humor.

We had a lot of positive feedback and would highly recommend you as a speaker for any church or youth group and we will be adding you to our speaker list. It was great that you had the opportunity to meet our Synodical President. She was very impressed, also. I am sure you will be hearing more from the Synodical board in the future.

God has big plans for you, Michael, and we were blessed to be there at the beginning of your new journey. Blessings to you and the work that you do.
~ Kelly Impola, President of Great River Conference

The Powermind System and It's Effect on Me!

Human beings do not come equipped with a do-it-yourself manual. Thanks to a dedicated philosopher, teacher, and writer we now have a practical guide for the mind, The Powermind System by Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer.

"The mind cannot focus effectively on a vague objective."
Are you ready to find out exactly what you want to be, have, or do in life?
Are you unhappy with your job or career choice?
Are you ready to discover your ideal job or career?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions then The Powermind System, Life Guide to Success is designed to help you fine-tune your life and career with step-by-step instructions. The main reasons to build your job or career based on your natural talents and skills include:

. Generate happiness and a sense of fulfillment
. Master your natural abilities
. Improve on what you already have to work with for "wealth creation"
. Narrow down your career selection and development
. Make more money

Inside The Powermind System, you will discover your natural abilities in order to set you on the most successful career path! In part one of goal assessment you will determine your natural talents with the "Talent Test" questionnaire, and in part two you will learn to align your natural talents with a career by completing the "Personal Inventory for Wealth Creation".

The multiple psychological and physical benefits of goal setting affirm and validate the importance of assessing your personal genetics and subsequently setting your goals to align with your desired outcome. It's simple, keeping your goals front and center in your life is like having a road map in your smart phone when you are traveling. Makes finding your way, much easier!

What direction are you headed in? Do you have a map? The knowledge of what works best for you reduces stress, freeing up your time to enjoy the journey. And when the future is bright you will be motivated to take action.

Are you depressed? When you assess your natural talents with The Powermind System, depression is replaced with self-worth and clear, positive purpose.

Are you uptight and bent out of shape? Your "imagined future" gives you conscious control over your current mood. Is someone else driving you or are you controlling your future? Steer yourself in the direction that you want change to manifest. Point your mind first in the direction you want your body and future to go and then prepare to hold on with both hands!

Stay on course. By clearly defining your goals and regularly affirming them to yourself, your "creative ability and natural potential are allowed to flow freely".

Superconscious thought induction is the ultimate mind force and can influence your future!

According to Dr. Kiefer, the human mind is a single system that is partitioned into 3 sub-systems: the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the superconscious mind, this 3-in-1 mind has been tagged the "triune mind". The first two minds are physical and the third mind is spiritual. Each of the 3 subsystems carry out separate and unique functions.

The conscious mind (or the"thinking mind") is the commander of your mind. The subconscious takes it's orders from the conscious mind and carries them out to the letter. As your conscious mind gives regular attention to thoughts they then become thinking patterns or instructions for the subconscious mind to act on.

Subconscious and superconscious responses are wired to your most tightly held beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.

What happens when you set up a conflict in your subconscious mental core between the way things are and the way you desire things to be? You induce subconscious activity. The subconscious mind calls the superconscious mind to it's aid! The superconscious mind radiates the necessary thought energy outside of your body to resolve the conflict and achieve the desired goal. This is the principle of superconscious thought induction or luck!

Consciously plant goals, new behaviors, and attitudes deep in the core of your subconscious mind with techniques such as the Verbal Self-affirmation technique, the Signed Contract method and Imagineering! Reprogram yourself with powerful Autogenic Conditioning techniques and get to where you want to be!


Step 1
Identification ~ a. Identify your goals b. Identify specific behaviors
Step 2
Definition ~ a. Get a clear idea of your "new" self with new behavioral traits and specific goals already achieved. b. Decide on what positive emotions you would like to have associated with each of them.
Step 3
Phrasing ~ a. Create a short phrase or set of phrases to describe your "new" self with your goals or behavioral traits already in your possession (include words that "trigger" the positive emotions you just defined in the "Definition" step).
Step 4
Conditioning ~ The affirmations are then self-communicated both verbally and emotionally by reading them intensively at least 3x daily (do this convincingly, with faith and with empathy). Critical self-communication times are early in the morning, immediately after lunch on right before bedtime. *Properly phrase your affirmations, check the 11 design rules in the book.


Another auto-conditioning technique utilizes all five of your senses to condition your mind for goal achievement.

Step 1 ~ Establish your goals and/or traits.
Step 2 ~ Write paragraphs to serve as the "imagineering sequence".
Step 3 ~ Select a word to serve as a memory "trigger".
Step 4 ~ Live out the imagineered experience in your mind daily.
Step 5 ~ Allow positive emotions to fill your body and mind during the imagineering review sequence.
Step 6 ~ Repeat the procedure at least twice daily.

Through the years, Dr. Kiefer has helped many individuals and groups to harness the power of mind and will. For me, a busy entrepreneur, revealing natural talents was the beginning of my new Talent Agency. After defining my job description I set out to connect my natural-born talents to a life-long passion. Knowing what talents best serve others gives me a great advantage of knowing which talents to train into skills that are required to be a talent agent, manager, and consultant.

Thank you Dr. Kiefer, your Powermind System works!

~ Toni Slate | K-Space.tv

Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer

Professional Speaker | Author

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