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Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer
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Keynote Presentations

1. The Luck Factor- How to Be Lucky!

Did you ever notice that some people seem so lucky? They are always so positive, happy and things just seem to go their way? Why do they attract luck? Their secret is revealed in this presentation. There is an actual scientific principle operating behind "luck." It is called "The Law of Attraction" and you can learn how to use it your advantage to create a positive future for yourself, studded with lucky breaks! Historical figures such as: Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Earl Nightingale, and Napoleon Hill all mastered the luck factor. They understood the basics of how the human mind operates (conscious, subconscious and superconscious). You can quickly learn too! Real life psychological case studies of people Michael has worked with that experienced life-changing results will be presented. This is a fascinating and unusual presentation!

2. Wake Up and Live- Motivation You Can Use

Do you wake up each morning excited to jump out of bed…or are you like most people, hitting the snooze button, one more time? This session is designed to help people generate personal passion for their life by setting balanced, meaningful goals with the vision board activity. Participants will craft vision boards of their goals during the presentation and learn psychological important self-motivation techniques.

3. The Likeability Factor!

Everyone wants to be liked? Discover the secrets of likeability! Improve your working relationships and personal relationships by developing your "likability factor". Michael moves into master storyteller mode and shares his personal experiences as everyone sits on the edge of their seats, waiting for the next punch line. This is a true synthesis of entertainment, education and enlightenment! It is based on understanding different personality styles.

4. Maintaining Positive Workplace Attitudes With People Reading Skills

Would you like to be able to read people like a book? Learn which of the four personality styles you are with a short assessment. Michael then discusses the unique strengths of each style with humorous personal experiences! Gain valuable insights on how to work with others in a positive conflict-free way. Use the "platinum rule" of communication to become a smooth operator at work and at home. Reduce your stress and communicate like a pro!

5. The Achievement Factor! How to be Positive, Energized and Have Fun!

Does your group need a "motivational moment"? Do they need to have some fun and laugh? This highly entertaining keynote combines Michael's personal application of a unique secret formula for rapid goal achievement and his masterful storytelling skills. It illustrates how he taught both of his daughter's achievement skills at a young age. Plus how one daughter became a national athlete using the formula! Memorable photos and unusual experiences help enhance this strikingly humorous presentation that EVERYONE will remember!

6. Mind Mapping as a Team Creative Problem Solving Tool

This session features fun for the entire audience in small group problem solving exercises using the mind map tool. Mind mapping helps everyone become a creative genius! Participants will be engaged, have fun and learn a technique they can take back to work or use at home to generate "out of the box" creative ideas fast! Bonus- discover the new research on right-brain, left-brain theory, and whole brain learning!

Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer

Professional Speaker | Author

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