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Job Seeker Seminars

Are you an adult searching for a new job? Are you a parent with a High School or College student that is struggling with their career choice or major? There are thousands of people just like you and we have helpful seminars right here!

1. Discovering Your Natural Talents and Genetic Skills for Career Basis
In studies of the life histories of peak performers, it was determined that they all base their careers on their natural talents. The problem is that it took many of them most of their lives to figure out what their talents were! We also learned that fifty percent of the general population are in jobs they have no natural aptitude for! In this seminar participants will take a proprietary Natural Talent and Genetic Skills survey to determine their natural talents and genetic skills! This survey contains over 100 questions and is carefully designed, to reveal correct career paths for individuals. Discover hidden talent and genetically inherited skills from your mother or father too. End your career frustration here and now with this important personal information!
2. Advanced Interviewing Skills That Get You Hired!
Most people instantly blow their interview in the first five minutes. This makes it easy for hiring personnel to quickly eliminate them from job consideration. Don't let this happen to you! Learn advanced tactics on how to interview from start to finish, so you are the number one pick. Do you know how early to come to an interview? How to answer a question regarding conflict with a former manager or coworker? How to handle illegal questions an interviewer may ask you? Do you know exactly what to say to them? Do you know how to make a strong positive emotional impact on your interviewer? Should you send a thank you e-mail, text message, voice mail, note, letter, card, or gift, after the interview? What if the interviewer makes a comment about religion? How should you respond? Critical errors are covered along with success methods. Hiring personnel are being highly trained to quickly eliminate people they don't want working for them. You need the skills to navigate a modern day interview if you want to get hired.
3. How to People Read Your Interviewer
Do you know how to make a positive psychological connection to your interviewer? There are four basic personality styles and each style has certain likes and dislikes in other people. You need to understand these principles which are at play in any interview situation. This seminar teaches the skills of expert people reading! All participants will take a proprietary survey to determine their personality style and then be given data on the characteristic traits of each style. They will then learn how to quickly people read their interviewer and match their style to develop a psychological connection by using the proper body language, speech, tone of voice, and responses to questions. They will learn the techniques to become "likeable". If an interviewer gets a "bad feeling" from a candidate, they will never get hired. Don't let this happen to you!
4. Gaining Energy, Inspiration and Drive- Motivation You Can Use!
The average person looks backwards, blaming negative past events for their current state in life. Energized peak performers create a positive future view for themselves with personal goals. This enables them to develop tremendous drive for achievement. In this seminar participants will learn the importance of developing a set of goals using vision boards. Each participant will construct a personal vision board that they take with them after the seminar. They will learn how to program themselves for success, be more energized every day and even healthier! Participants will also learn the secret achievement formula anyone can apply. Dr. Kiefer will detail how he taught this technique to his two daughters when they were young and how one of them applied the formula ten years later to become a champion athlete! This is motivation you can use.
5. Getting Hired and Promoted With a Strong Work Ethic
The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) conducts worker surveys of the state workforce and consistently at the top of the training needs list is "work ethic." Other nationwide surveys have been conducted with the same results. All organizations struggle with: poor attendance, negative attitudes, entitlement mentality, time theft, poor meeting attendance, dress code issues, e-mail etiquette, internet abuse, texting, basic organizational respect, social media problems, etc.? This session covers over twenty common workplace abuses and unethical behaviors and discusses how you can stand out in an interview and easily get promoted. Numerous case studies and eye opening stories illustrate the ethical principles presented. Learn how to overcome common ethical errors that hold most people back!

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Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer

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