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Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer
22320 Albatross Circle
Farmington, MN 55024

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Ph 651-460-8205

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Searching for an Experienced, Top Ranked, National Speaker?

Unique, high energy, interactive presentations delivered with style!

Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer (author, psychologist, master storyteller) has over 50 topics to choose from. Make your next keynote/breakout/workshop entertaining and exciting! All workshops have small group activities, unusual true case studies or proprietary assessments that create buzz.

Popular Topics

1. Maintaining Positive Workplace Attitudes with People Reading Skills
2. The Psychology of Weight Loss- Health, Hope and How to Change!
3. Stress Reduction, Balance and Healthy Living
4. The Fun Factor - Using Fun and Creativity to Increase Productivity
5. Micro-Time Budgeting - Developing Daily, Weekly, Monthly Time Budgets
6. Improving Work Ethic and Personal Integrity
7. Natural Talent Testing for High Performance Teams
8. Process Improvement and Workflow Mapping
9. Self-Motivation, Inspiration and Drive
10. Conflict Resolution Skills
11. Supervisory Lessons for Leaders

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Add a blast of fun and laughter to your next event! Dr. Kiefer delivers memorable life lessons woven into unique stories that audiences remember forever!

Popular Keynote Topics

1. Getting High on Life - includes Kiefer's remarkable psychological work with his two daughters
2. People Reading - how to be liked by everyone you meet!
3. Work Ethic and Personal Responsibility - includes entertaining teenage and adult case studies
4. Memory Improvement Skills - includes a proprietary genetic memory type assessment
5. The Luck Factor - How to become lucky - based on Kiefer's unusual research and book titled: Superconscious Power

Leadership/ Supervision/ Team Building

Want your teams and leaders empowered to get things done! Put an end to average performance, low energy and lack of skills. Dr. Kiefer shows you how to ignite the fire of desire.

Popular Leadership Topics

1. Maximizing Team Talent - includes Kiefer's proprietary natural talent and genetic skills test
2. Process Improvement and Workflow Mapping - includes group building of a process map
3. Project Management Application for Anyone - learn how to make quick milestone charts and work breakdown structures (WBS) at work and at home
4. Conflict Resolution Skills - covers a proven formula for rapid conflict resolution with activity case studies
5. Using Modeling Clay as a Team Building Tool - a fun hands-on "Art Work" team building session, where each participant makes a personal clay totem

The Powermind online bookstore at Amazon.com has MP3 audiobooks, Kindle e-books, and paperbacks. Listen in your car, at work, at home, while exercising, etc. Enjoy the time-saving magic of learning by listening! Instant online MP3 audio downloads delivered wirelessly or streamed. Choose from three sets of albums and over 60 MP3 tracks available at Amazon.com!

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Dr. Kiefer says...

My mission is to inspire people to discover their true purpose, reach for their maximum potential, recognize their inherent self-worth, and become a shining beacon of positive energy in a negative society. Help... is... HERE!"

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Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer

Professional Speaker | Psychologist

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