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Popular presentation topics include: Maintaining Positive Workplace Attitudes, Stress Reduction and Healthy Living, Self-Motivation and Drive, Process Improvement, New Economy Supervision, The Luck Factor, Work Ethic/Professionalism, and Team Building. We have 30 more to choose from! Plus new "Art Work" workshops incorporating: clay, mind mapping, paints, or skits into training.

In addition, for busy people, the Powermind online bookstore at Amazon.com has MP3 audiobooks, Kindle e-books and paperbacks. Listen in your car, at work, at home, while exercising, etc. Enjoy the time-saving magic of learning by listening! Instant online MP3 audio downloads delivered wirelessly or streamed. Choose from sixteen albums and over 60 MP3 tracks available at Amazon.com!

Also, we see a need for executive team/board coaching. Many organizations are functioning with multiple independent "kingdoms", with no team work amongst the leaders! Imagine the progress to be gained if these leaders leveraged their natural talents into a cooperative, high performance team.

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Dr. Kiefer says...

"I see a tremendous need in our society to encourage, motivate, educate, and train people; from machine operators to executives. Many have fallen into negative, unhealthy, unproductive, high stress life styles.

All of my efforts are geared to help people reach their true potential, recognize their self-worth, and become a positive, productive member of society."

Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer

Professional Speaker | Psychologist

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